MEnu of Services

Gunsmithing - General Hourly Rate:  $50.00/hr ($25.00 minimum per firearm)

Consultation/Estimate (No Disassembly of Firearm):  No Charge

Handgun Cleaning (Field Grade):  $25.00

Handgun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $50.00

Bolt/Pump/Single Shot Rifle or Shotgun Cleaning (Field Grade): $30.00

Bolt/Pump/Single Shot Rifle or Shotgun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $60.00

Semi-Auto Long Gun Cleaining (Field Grade):  $40.00

Semi-Auto Long Gun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $80.00

We also clean Class 3 items.  Please contact us for pricing.

Additional fees may apply on especially dirty, rusty, or damaged firearms.


We offer several gunsmithing services, including firearms cleaning, repair, and custom work.  The Gun Room has a Glock certified armorer on staff to keep your pistol running at factory specifications.  We can customize your AR-15 with several upgrades, including a new trigger system, barrel, stock set, and sights just to name a few.  Please call or email us for an initial consultation!

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