MEnu of Services

Gunsmithing - General Hourly Rate:  $50.00/hr ($25.00 minimum per firearm)

Consultation/Estimate (No Disassembly of Firearm):  No Charge

Handgun Cleaning (Field Grade):  $25.00

Handgun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $50.00

Bolt/Pump/Single Shot Rifle or Shotgun Cleaning (Field Grade): $30.00

Bolt/Pump/Single Shot Rifle or Shotgun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $60.00

Semi-Auto Long Gun Cleaining (Field Grade):  $40.00

Semi-Auto Long Gun Cleaning (Detail Disassembly):  $80.00

We also clean Class 3 items.  Please contact us for pricing.

Additional fees may apply on especially dirty, rusty, or damaged firearms.

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We offer several gunsmithing services, including firearms cleaning, repair, and custom work.  The Gun Room has a Glock certified armorer on staff to keep your pistol running at factory specifications.  We can customize your AR-15 with several upgrades, including a new trigger system, barrel, stock set, and sights just to name a few.  Please call or email us for an initial consultation!

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